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                      HOW TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT

To Make An Appointment, You Have To Complete The Following Two (2) Steps

FIRST, you need to complete the Divorce Information Form below. The purpose for completing the
form, is to provide APS with all the required information
to prepare the initiating documentation(s)
i.e. Summons with Notice) for an Uncontested Divorce.

You can complete the Divorce Information Form in one (1) of three ways, as explained below.

1)  On the INTERNET - Click Here and you can provide the requested information directly via APS
website, but will be
unable to save the information on your computer; OR

2)  MICROSOFT WORD DOCUMENT - Click Here and you can type the information directly into the
Divorce Information Form, save it on your PC, and e-mail the form to APS (as an attachment);

3)  PDF FILE - Click Here and you can print out the Divorce Information Form, write the information in
the form and either e-mail it as an attachment, send by regular mail
or fax the form to 646-537-2535.

SECOND, as a result of the daily amount of inquiries and cases handled by APS, ALL APPOINTMENTS
. If you would like to reserve an appointment, please be prepared to make a
minimum deposit of

The payment has to be done
prior to the scheduling of an appointment (which also includes the
commencement of any work, as referenced above).

Note:   The $50 deposit will be deducted from APS fee (i.e. $299 - $50 = $249 remaining
   balance). You also have the option to pay the full amount of APS fee as well (as indicated below).

(Q.) How can I process the payment of $50?
(A.)  You can do one (1) of the following below:

Pay with a Money Order (mail it to the PO Box address on the contact us page, and payable
    to Anderson Paralegal Services), OR

2)       Pay with a Debit or Credit Card via PayPal (please scroll down below for instructions) Note: If you
do not have a PayPal account, you can still process the payment via PayPal.

           If you use a Debit or Credit Card to process the payment, you will have to make a payment in the
           amount of $51.80 ($1.80 is to cover the PayPal service fee).

     (Note:  If you pay the full amount of $299 with a Debit or Credit Card, then you will have to make a
      PayPal deposit in the total amount of $308.24 (which includes the service fee).

(Q.) When will I have to pay APS remaining balance?
(A.)  APS remaining balance is due at the time that you provide the first Court payment of $210.
  You can pay the remaining balance with Cash, Money Order, Debit or Credit Card, no personal
          checks accepted.

(Q.)  Will APS provide me with a receipt?
(A.)   Absolutely! You will be provided with a detailed receipt to retain for your records.

(Q.)  APS does so much, for so little In price, how do I know APS is Legitimate?
(A.)       (1st)    When considering in retaining the services of a business in New York State, as a
    smart consumer you should always check to see if that particular business is
    registered with the NYS Department of State, Division of Corporations.

     Anderson Paralegal Services, Inc. is an "Active" business, registered with the
      NYS Department of State, Division of Corporations.

     (2nd)   If you're still not 100% content, APS can schedule a day and time that is convenient for
     you, where you can meet APS at the courthouse, observe APS in action, with an end
        result consisting of your document(s) being reviewed by the clerk, stamped and filed!

(Q.)  How do we get started?
(A.)   Simply, by three (3) easy steps, which are as followed:

STEP 1:   Complete the Divorce Information Form and return it to APS, along with payment.
   You can make the payment by Money Order or with a Debit or Credit Card (depositing $51.80),
      by clicking on the "PayPal Payments" button. >>>>>

IMPORTANT: Upon receipt of the completed form with payment, you will receive a Confirmation E-mail
                        (confirming that the form and payment has been received) AND a Divorce Process - Step
      by Step E-mail (where you will be able to follow along as your divorce is being process).

STEP 2:   On the day of the appointment, you and APS will meet briefly to do the following:

              •  Review the initiating documentation(s), confirming the accuracy of all information
              •  Obtain your signature for the Summons with Notice (or Summons and Complaint)
      and the detailed receipt to retain for your records; and
              •  Collect both the first Court fee of $210 and APS remaining balance.

                        Note:  If possible, the document(s) will be filed in Court the same day we meet (or next
    business day).

      Note:  We do not have to meet up, no office visit is required, your divorce can be
                                    process by e-mail and regular mail (via USPS) to obtain your signature!

STEP 3:   Upon your spouse being served, and the filing of the remaining batch of documents,
    you are all DONE!

Note:  If your Uncontested Divorce question(s) have not been answered, please feel free to contact
            APS to address your questions or concerns.

Thank You,
Anderson Paralegal Services, Inc.   
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